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Fameous Trill: A Dax-Szimbionta Hostjai
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Jadzia Dax

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Csillagflotta Karier Összegzés

2369 -- Mint hadnagy(lieutenant),
kutato tiszti posztra küldték a DS9-re

2372 -- Elöléptették a a parancsnok helyetesi
(lieutenant commander) rangra

2374 -- Háboru idején elöléptették a U.S.S. Defiant parancsnokává, mig a DS9 megszálás alatt volt

Személyes Info

Jadzia a Csillagflotta Kutatp tisztje volt mikor beosztották a Deep Space 9 2369-ben, mikor a Főderácio át vette az állomás a Kardassziaiaktol. Jadzia hostja akart lenni egy Trill szimbiontánk mikor kigyerek volt akkor sokat dolgozott a győzelme érdekében. A sok tanulás és tudás meghozta az eredményét a "initiate program"-ban, Le dimplomázott többekközt exobiologiábol, zoologiábol, astrofizikábol, és exoarcheologiábol, és megszerezte a bizonyitványt a 3rd-level pilota-i "munkáért" is. De az felkészitö nem ismerte el eredményet és mikor Curzon Dax álapota romlott azt javasolta hogy Jadzia soha ne egyesülhessen szimbiontával. Jadzia nem tudta elhinni hogy Curzon's ilyen durva bánásmódal bánt vele meg hogy a titka az hogy szerelmes let belé, ettöl bűntudata lett Curzon-nak, és beleegyezését adta hogy ö legyen a következö host-ja a Dax szimbiontának.

Although Jadzia thought she was the seventh host, she learned in 2371 of a previously unknown joining. This deeply held secret was revealed when Jadzia began experiencing vivid hallucinations and a dangerous drop in her isoboramine levels. These symptoms were found to have been caused by the deterioration of a memory block created by the Trill Symbiosis Commission in 2285 in hopes of suppressing the knowledge of Joran Dax's existence.

In 2370 Jadzia almost died when a Trill named Verad briefly stole her symbiont. Later that year, Jadzia honored Curzon's blood oath of vengeance against the Albino and accompanied Kor, Koloth, and Kang to Secarus IV to kill him. She battled the Albino, but left Kang to kill him.

Dax drew the attentions of many men, including Dr. Bashir. Dax considered herself above such interests, although she considered Morn as cute, and Captain Boday was once her lover.

As of 2369, Dax had been attempting to master the Altonian brain teaser for 140 years. Jadzia liked icoberry juice, but drinking it always made her spots itch.

Jadzia was regarded by her friends as a night owl, as she often threw surprise parties for them at Deep Space 9, and enjoyed late night tongo games with Quark and his Ferengi competitors. Jadzia had several other hobbies, including Galeo-Manada style wrestling, and collecting the music of lost composers. She and Sisko often played chess together. Jadzia disliked what she regarded as blind compliance to society's norms, and she occasionally enjoyed indulging in 'inappropiate' behaviour for its shock value. Like Curzon she had great fondness for Klingon food and music. She enjoyed playing practical jokes on her colleagues. On several occasions in early 2372, she broke into Odo's quarters while he was regenerating, and moved all of his furniture very slightly, just to annoy him.

Dax learned a great deal about her past in 2371 when she underwent her zhian'tara ceremony, meeting her earlier hosts.

In 2372, when Jadzia was reunited with Lenara Kahn, the two of them felt a great desire to continue the relationship started by their previous hosts, Torias Dax and Nilani Kahn. Though Jadzia felt strongly enough to go against Trill taboo of having a relationship with a past lover, Lenara didn't wish to risk exile for reassociating with Dax. Lenara returned to Trill to continue her work.

Jadzia found herself attracted to Strategic Operations Officer Worf. Dax's familiarity with Klingon culture was helpful in winning his attentions in 2373, leading to their eventual engagement.

In 2374, after the crew of Deep Space Nine had retaken the station from the Dominion, Jadzia and Worf decided to hold their wedding. But in order to marry into Martok's family, Dax had to go through a severe testing procedure under the supervision of Martok's haughty wife, Sirella. Despite outbreaks of hostility between the two, Jadzia patched things up with Sirella and the wedding went ahead as planned.

Later that year, Jadzia and Worf were sent on a dangerous mission into Dominion space to rescue a Cardassian informant. However along the way, Dax became badly injured, and instead of completing the mission Worf decided to save his wife instead.

However Jadzia Dax died at the end of 2374, after Gul Dukat, possessed by a Pah Wraith entity, killed her whilst breaking into the Bajoran temple on Deep Space Nine to poison an orb of the Prophets. Dr. Bashir managed to save the symbiont but could do nothing for Jadzia.

(Martin Jack, The Nicole DeBoer Chronicle)

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