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Culture: Customs

Trill had been an isolationist world until around 2100, earth time. The people feared for the safety & sanctity of the symbiots if outworlders were to be let planetside. This was around the same time they began allowing women into their ruling council.

Trill people can sometimes be taken (sometimes deservingly so) as cold or arrogant to non trill. Their personalities tend to be rather reserved & quite accomplished & well studied.

Around the age of twelve, most trill go through a mandatory genetic testing, to establish their suitability for joining. Although the testing isn't mandated, almost the entire planet's population undergoes these tests. Reconnecting with a former hosts loved ones is considered strictly taboo.

Trill names are given then family, as with terrans. when one becomes joined, the family name is replaced with that of the symbiot. Joined trill rarely engage in romantic endeavors. they tend to consider it the province of the young. Most, but not all, consider it folly or weakness & prefer to spend time with 'higher pursuits'. Occasionally, a host will indulge in an affair, or affairs, anyway.

(Emari Katrell, U.S.S. Marakesh)

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